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KITA與在線專業開發的領先提供商MindEdge Learning合作,提供了各種證書和課程。這些按需,自定進度的課程是對KITA現有機會的補充。


  • 專為成人學習者設計

  • 結合互動練習,視頻和真實示例或案例研究;

  • 完全可訪問

  • 通過MindEdge的“諮詢專家”功能,提供相關領域專家的訪問權限,他們通常會在24小時內回答您的問題

  • 已獲得HRCI,SHRM和/或CEU積分的批准。





The Modern Office
A woman in front of a computer
Virtual Teamwork
Fast Company: Collaborating for Success
HR Hot Topic: Recruiting Multi-generational Employees
Leading High-Performance Teams
Leading and Managing for Small Business Management
Becoming a Better Leader
Effective Public Speaking
Effective Business Writing
Certificate in Digital Marketing
Teaching Online
Certification in Online Learning
HR Hot Topic: Pay Equity
HR Ethics: Corporations and Corporate Social Responsibility
The Effective Manager's Toolbox
Managing in a Modern Organization
The Hybrid Workplace
A man in front of a laptop
Writing Better Emails
HR Tools for Engaging Top Performers
HR Hot Topic: Flexible Work Arrangements
Introduction to Management
Hiring, Managing and Developing Talent
Leadership and Management for Entrepreneurs
Effective Presentations
Communicating Collaboratively
Narrative Learning
Online Learning Accessibility
Talent Management and Career Development
HR Hot Topic: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
HR Ethics: Capitalism, Inequality, and Justice
A Manager's Guide to Superior Customer Service
Managing People
Building and Supporting a Remote Workforce
Troubleshooting Your Writing
HR Hot Topic: The Future of Work
Building an Inclusive Organization
Small Business Marketing
Finance 101 for Entrepreneurs
Speak with Confidence
Effective Emails, Memos, and Letters
Certificate in Business Communications
The Technology of Online Learning
Introduction to Online Learning
Performance Management
HR Ethics: Leadership and Organizational Ethics
Equal Employment Opportunity
Managing Remote Employees
Project Management for Small Busines Management
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